Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Oneonta Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights

We recently decided that it was in our best interest to try to work work with the Oneonta Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights.  This is a report on what we've done so far.

At the August 27th meeting we petitioned the commission to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the first item of their purpose which currently reads on their website: Foster mutual respect and understanding among all racial, religious, age and nationality groups within the city"

At the September 23rd meeting, (which was attended by Mayor Richard Miller) the situation was revealed to be much more complicated.  As it turns out the Official Charter for the commission and the website for the commission have a couple of discrepancies.  The most relevant one for us being that charter in place of the above quote, instead states: "Foster mutual respect and understanding among all citizens, groups and visitors within the City;"

During the discussion, Mayor Richard Miller agreed that the website and charter needed to be reviewedin order to determine why the discrepancies had come in to exist in the first place.

Report submitted by Jeremy Redlien

Friday, September 10, 2010

Meeting this Sunday @ 4:30pm. Methodist Church at Corner of Chestnut and Church St.

We will be having our monthly meeting at 4:30pm. this Sunday (9/12) at the Methodist Church on the corner of Chestnut and Church St.

On the Agenda will be:
-Working on getting Safe Spaces program set up in local high-schools.
-Working on providing Diversity Trainings on LGBTQA people for local Employers.
-Working with the Oneonta Government Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights.
-Events people would like to see done for the coming year.

This event is open to all members of the public interested in helping our cause.  Hope to see people there!