Thursday, October 28, 2010

Human Rights Commission Meeting

Report on City of Oneonta Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights on 10/28/2010

At this meeting, a discussion was held on the purpose of Commission, which was following from last weeks meeting with Mayor Richard Miller.

According to Chairwoman Joyce Miller based on that meeting, the purpose of the commission is as follows:
1) Educating the public on Human Rights Issues
2) Advocating for the advancement of Human Rights
3) Advising the Mayor and Common Council on Human Rights Issues

The next discussion was on creating a panel in order to fulfill #1, educating the public. It was brought up that this could be held at the high-school, most likely in February. I (Redlien) offered to be a part of any panel as a representative of Pflag.

Another suggestion was put forth regarding having articles in The Daily Star regarding diversity issues to further fulfill #1 and raise the profile of the commission.

Further discussion also took place regarding possibly changing the purpose of the commission that was placed within the city code.

It was also brought up, that the commission had not been invited to submit a budget request in order for the commission to receive funding from the city.

The next meeting of the commission will be December 2nd.

Report submitted by Jeremy Redlien

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meeting This Sunday (10/10/10) @ 4:30pm

We will be meeting this Sunday (which just happens to the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the 21st century) at the United Methodist Church on the Corner of Church St. and Chestnut.

On the Agenda will be:
-Working with the GSRC on providing the Pflag program, Shelter From the Storm, in local high-schools.
-Oneonta City Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights Report.
-Future efforts at fundraising.
-Anything else, that people feel is important to discuss.

The meeting is open to anyone interested in supporting our cause. Look forward to seeing people there!