Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World AIDS Day.

Just to let people know, World AIDS Day (December 1st) will be commemorated by a candle light vigil at the SUNY Oneonta Hunt Union (Waterfront) from 5-6pm.

In short:
Where: SUNY Oneonta, Hunt Union, Waterfront Room.
Time: 5-6pm
Date: December 1st.

The Hunt Union, is the big building at the top of Bugbee Rd. They have a visitor parking area in the back of the parking lot.

Look forward to seeing people there.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Next meeting 11/14/10

Next meeting will be on 11/14/10, at 4:30 at the Methodist Church on the corner of Church St. and Chestnut.

Working with GSRC on providing Diversity Education Programs in Local High Schools
Report on working with City Commission on Human Rights
Discussion on World's AIDS Day and working with Positive Connections
Any other topic or concern people wish to discuss

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Report on working With Positive Connections and SUNY Oneonta GSRC.

Currently, we are in talks with Positive Connections - a new, local AIDS/HIV support/advocacy group that is headed by Bill Pharr - in order to create an event on World AIDS day, which is Wednesday, December 1st. Also, the GSRC, headed by Robin Nussbaum will also be working on an event.

Everything is in the planning stages right now, so I don't have a lot of details to offer up.

Currently we are looking for speakers, so if anyone knows anyone or is willing to speak on the issue of AIDS/HIV email us at otsego.pflag@gmail.com.

Furthermore, we are also in talks with the GSRC about the possibility of bringing Safe Space/Diversity training programs to local high-schools.

As it currently stands, the GSRC already has several programs that it's developed in order to promote diversity in area high-schools. I personally believe that it is in our best interest to work with them on this issue and try to do our best to support their programs, rather then trying to develop our own, competing programs. However, I would to like speak with people at the next meeting and have more input on the matter, before any final decisions are made.

Report submitted by Jeremy Redlien.