Friday, February 18, 2011

Homework Assignment

Nothing new to report here, just two new letters that I wanted to make people aware of:

Nothing terribly interesting here, although I think my earlier assertion was wrong that this was part of a letter writing campaign being done by a specific organization.

Still, I do think that it's worth considering having a rebuttal.
-Jeremy Redlien

Monday, February 14, 2011

Homework assigntment.

Okay, I noticed two anti same sex marriage letters to the editor in The Daily Star recently. Both mentioned the rights of children to know their parents, which is a somewhat specific issue. A little too specific for it to a be a coincidence.

I therefore think that these letters might be part of a letter writing campaign, possibly from a local group.

If they are, I would like to know what group is behind it in order to develop a plan to respond.

If anyone has any ideas, you can post them as a comment here or email us at

The two letters can be found here:

William Dornburgh's letter on February 14th:

Louis W. Nicholson's letter on February 12th:

Thank you all.
-Jeremy Redlien

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Business Meeting on 2/13/2011 minutes.

Let's start with some housekeeping.

First, it was really nice to be able to welcome some new members to our group.

After a discussion at today's meeting, comments on the blog are now moderated rather than requiring an account. This means that anyone can comment, but you'll have to wait until someone has a chance to approve your comment.

Now onto the good stuff.

-Plans are coming along nicely to be able to be able to offer Safe Space programs to local high-schools. I'm hoping things will be in place by this fall if all goes well. Dr. Robin Nussbaum at the SUNY Oneonta G.S.R.C. has agreed to help us set up the program and provide "Train the Trainer" workshops to volunteers to help get the program off the ground.

-Dr. Robin Nussbaum had also asked me previously if we would be willing to co-sponsor a LGBTQA youth group. After talking it over with our group, the idea was approved, and I will be contacting Dr. Robin Nussbaum to see what we can do to assist.

-We are also planning on having a Community Pride Day in June. Nothing is set in stone at this point, but hopefully we will have more details soon.

-Pathy is working with individuals who helped us out with a previous fundraiser to put together another fundraiser in late March or early April.

Submitted by Jeremy Redlien

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Next Meeting: 2/13/11 4:30 at Methodist Church on Corner of Church St. and Chestnut.


-Pride Event in June
-Working with SUNY Oneonta GSRC on bringing Safe Space program to local High-Schools
-Any other concerns people have